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CoinTracking Data API

The CoinTracking API allows you to access your account data. You need an API key and secret to use the API.
Please find all relevant information in the documentation below.

Please login into your account to create API keys

CoinTracking API Documentation


All API requests must be send to the following URL via POST:
API responses are in JSON.
All requests needs an authentication.


Send your key and sign as http header.
The sign is a HMAC-SHA512 message of the method, the nonce and the POST data, signed with your API secret.
The nonce must be increasing for each call. We recommend to use UNIX time or microtime.

Request Limits

In most situations one call per hour is enough.
Maximum API requests:
- FREE users: No API access yet
- PRO & EXPERT users: 20 calls per hour
- UNLIMITED users: 60 calls per hour

Please don't exeed these limits or you will be blocked.

Successful calls

	[success] => 1
	[method] => getTrades


	[success] => 0
	[method] => getTrades
	[error] => NO_METHOD
	[error_msg] => ERROR: Method not set


NodeJs API example by bpirson (github)

Python API example by tbl42 (github)


Please find all methods below.


Returns all your CoinTracking trades and transactions. Similar to the Trade List.


Returns your current CoinTracking account and coin balance. Similar to the Current Balance.


Returns all historical values for all your coins, currencies, commodities, and the total account value. Similar to the Daily Balance or the Trade Statistics.


Returns all historical amounts and values for a specific currency/coin or for all currencies/coins. Similar to the Daily Balance or the Trade Statistics.


Returns the current balance grouped by exchange, trade-group or transaction type. Similar to the Balance by Exchange.


Returns your current realized and unrealized gains data. Similar to the Realized and Unrealized Gains.